You CAN’T fake fashion.

Nothing turns me off more than a knock off hand bag, piece of jewelry or shoes. It is purely mind boggling that some people think its ok to strut their stuff with a knock off Gucci bag on their shoulder or fake Tiffany bracelet around their wrist. 

Now I know that designer clothes are expensive and the idea of having a designer peice for a more affordable price is so tempting. But at the end of the day, when you are purchasing a bag with G’s all over it, you are purchasing a bag with G’s to represent Gucci, but how are you representing when the item is a conterfiet. You are not representing the brand but you are actually defaming their image.

I am extremely into fashion, but there are many things I don’t own or purchase because I cant afford those items. In turn, I opt for more affordable accessories or clothing, something that does not rip off a designers hard work and save for an item i really need/ want. 

Every year the CFDA and Ebay teams up with designers to create a “You Cant Fake Fashion” line in advocacy of counterfeit fashion. This line is created by 75 designers, including, Diane Von Furstenburg, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

The line (some images pictured above) Is on sale as of March 20th on E-Bay. The prices range from $45-$200 and all proceeds go to support the CFDA. I suggest you should all support this line and stand up for our designers!! Be sure to snag yours fast, with designers and prices like this, these will sell out fast!!

Are we with me on this, who else hates knock offs!?!? Which one is your favorite bag?

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